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Climate Challenge

A participation campaign for more climate friendliness in everyday working life

Target group:
Universities, businesses, and other organizations


The Climate Challenge is all about participants committing to more climate-friendly behavior in their everyday (working) lives over a specified period of time. The aim is to encourage them to rethink their own behavior and adapt it to the goals of climate protection. The Climate Challenge is a way for organizations to raise their members’ awareness of sustainable behavior in various areas, such as nutrition, mobility, energy, etc., and motivate them to take action together. Possible challenges include following a vegetarian or vegan diet for a set period of time, cycling or taking public transit to work/university/school, or only heating rooms to 20 degrees Celsius.

How it works

In addition to the topics to be addressed by the Climate Challenge, a common timeframe needs to be set when defining the framework conditions. Organizations need to select a suitable, information-rich channel for communicating information about the Climate Challenge project to their members and motivating them to take part. We also recommend developing a communication strategy to help achieve this. When preparing to register for the Climate Challenge, prospective participants should be encouraged to form teams of around 5-6 so that they can motivate each other to see the challenge through to the end. They should also be given the opportunity to personalize the challenges and their level of difficulty so they can set their own individual goals. Kick-off and wrap-up events, as well as meetings for participants throughout the challenge, should also be planned. For further information, please contact the Climate Change Center.


The Climate Challenge was held at TU Berlin in May and November 2023. The topics the participants focused on were nutrition, energy, mobility, and re-use. In total, more than 150 groups signed up for the challenge. The Climate Challenge and the materials developed by the Climate Change Center for TU Berlin can be used as a model and inspiration for other organizations.

Picture: Benjamin Eckert

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Actually, it is a sum of many things that are self-evident: For example, turning off all devices regularly, shutting down the computer during lunch breaks, storing large files in a cloud and deleting old files when they are no longer needed.

Kerstin Goldau
Environmental officer at Technische Universität Berlin
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Charmaine Reith
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