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The Climate Change Center Berlin Brandenburg regularly issues press releases on events, projects, and publications. Our representatives comment on important climate policy developments. Here you will find all press information as well as a selection of relevant newspaper articles and radio reports. You can also download photos of our spokespersons in our download area. Further information and materials are available on request.


The Climate Change Center Berlin Brandenburg is located at TU Berlin and published its press releases during its first years on the university’s channels. Since 2023, we have been publishing our own press releases, which include announcements of network events, publications by our scientists, presentations of research and transfer projects, and political statements on current climate policy developments in the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region.


We seek to participate in the social dialog on the climate crisis and promote the transformation society through press and radio articles. We welcome coverage in both regional and national media that raises the profile of our work. In collaboration with the Tagesspiegel, we also issue our own publication on the topic of climate research.


Here you will find selected publications and photos – please credit the Climate Change Center Berlin Brandenburg (or CCC) or indicate the name in the image file.

Birgit Holthaus


Birgit Holthaus
Referentin für Pressearbeit und Wissenschaftskommunikation