Utopia or Game Changer? Artificial Intelligence for Climate-neutral Cities
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Utopia or Game Changer? Artificial Intelligence for Climate-neutral Cities

Climate Change Center Berlin
Brandenburg c/o ECDF
Wilhelmstraße 67
10117 Berlin

Saturday 17 June 2023, 5-11 pm

Utopia or Game Changer? Artificial Intelligence for Climate-neutral Cities

The climate crisis and digitalisation are both megatrends of the 21st century whose development will be decisive for the future of humanity. How can we make our lives in the Berlin and Brandenburg region more climate-neutral and how can artificial intelligence help? The Climate Change Centre Berlin Brandenburg deals with these and other climate-related questions and supports projects on various topics such as construction, energy, mobility and nutrition. A selection of these projects will be presented at the Long Night of Science and discussed with visitors.

Picture: Josephine Hintz mit DALLE


Utopia or Game Changer I Audiovisuelle Installation von Josephine Hintz, TU Berlin/MCC Berlin

In the audiovisual installation “Utopia or Game Changer”, you will hear statements from people from all over Europe who use artificial intelligence for climate-relevant work tasks. How can artificial intelligence help tackle the climate crisis? What are current examples of applications that help cities reduce emissions? We explore answers to these questions with the perspective of pioneers working for cities across Europe.
Find out how AI can help reduce energy consumption in buildings or optimise waste collection. We invite you to explore the early days of using AI to tackle one of the most pressing challenges of our time.

The installation is based on Josefine Hintz’s research as part of her doctorate at TU Berlin under Prof Dr Felix Creutzig, scientific coordinator of the Climate Change Center Berlin Brandenburg and Prof Dr Lynn Kaack, Hertie School (funded by the Heinrich Böll Foundation).

Josephine Hintz will be on site between 6 and 8 pm.

These two CCC-funded research projects will also be presenting themselves:

• Mobility Dashboard, TU Berlin

• Energy, climate and environmental policy in capital/metropolitan regions, Centre Marc Bloch

And there will be a climate quiz for all visitors.

Birgit Holthaus


Birgit Holthaus
Referentin für Pressearbeit und Wissenschaftskommunikation