Three questions for… Dr. Till Naumann
Energie Portrait

Three questions for… Dr. Till Naumann

Founder and CEO of MOWEA

MOWEA offers the world’s first modular wind energy system that can be used for both decentralized energy supply in urban areas and in industrial settings. How did you come up with the idea?

The idea was born in a research and development project at Technische Universität Berlin. We showed through experiments that the concept of a modular wind turbine would work. The positive findings motivated me to found MOWEA. I had been working on small wind turbines in my PhD, and I realized the potential of industrialization and that there was a lack of it.
So I focused on industrial applications, especially telecommunications and urban applications, real estate and also industrial areas, manufacturing plants, airports and seaports. Since then, MOWEA has focused on B2B applications and will continue to do so.

Which partners does MOWEA work with and what role does this network play in achieving strategic goals?

For a young company, partnerships based on trust are extremely important, especially at the start, both for setting up production and for sales. Our most important partners are our suppliers, our first customers, our production partner and our network of business angels who provide us with strategic support and advice.

Are there any current MOWEA projects in the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region?

Our first nationwide rollout in telecommunications also covers locations and telecom towers in Berlin and Brandenburg. And we hope to do another pilot in the real estate space in this region as well. Coming up soon this year, we are planning to install a MOWEA turbine on the radio tower at Vantage Towers AG in Berlin. Green electricity is consumed on site at each of the radio masts and can meet 100% of demand under average wind conditions.

The interview was conducted in February 2023.

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