Decentralized Energy Systems for the Decarbonization of the Production Processes of SMEs in the Berlin-Brandenburg Region – DEKARPKMU
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01/23 – 12/23

Decentralized Energy Systems for the Decarbonization of the Production Processes of SMEs

Funded institution: 

Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin)

Cooperation partners: 

Berliner Seilfabrik, Moll Marzipan, oekotec Energiemanagement GmbH

General information

The project aimed to develop a public web application for evaluating integrated decentralized energy systems for industrial companies in Berlin and Brandenburg. These systems were to combine renewable energy production, production flexibility, and energy storage to drive the decarbonization of production processes and reduce energy costs. This would boost the decarbonization efforts of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the region.


The project was based on existing research findings and contained a comprehensive analysis of the technical and economic feasibility of integrated decentralized energy systems,  while also considering various key performance indicators (KPIs). The collaboration between the university, industrial companies (Berliner Seilfabrik and Moll Marzipan), and experts from the energy consultancy company oekotec Energiemanagement GmbH succeeded in combining the latest scientific developments with specific practical requirements.


An open-access software tool was developed that enables industrial companies to take the first step towards decarbonization by easily assessing the feasibility and economic impact of integrated decentralized energy systems in their specific business practices. The tool also offers a technical and economic analysis that generates a number of KPIs such as amortization time, capital value, energy production costs, and carbon reductions. The initial assessment allows companies to make informed decisions about further planning of such energy systems.


The project results are set to be published in a scientific journal and presented at a scientific conference.

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Kristian Bänsch


Kristian Bänsch
Technische Universität Berlin