About Us

Rethinking climate research

Through Knowledge Transfer and New Perspectives

The Climate Change Center Berlin Brandenburg (CCC) is an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary center for research and knowledge transfer

We work with scientists and researchers, policymakers, business leaders, as well as civil society and cultural actors on solutions to make Berlin and Brandenburg climate neutral and adapt to the consequences of the climate crisis.

The diversity and close spatial and structural interdependence of Berlin and Brandenburg make them ideal partners, as well as mutually dependent, when it comes to climate protection and adaptation. The Climate Change Center (CCC) creates a cross-state platform for the joint discussion of integrated measures, which are supported by research findings and scientific consulting. In this way, science and research are mobilized as levers for regional transformation.

Pursuing a regional focus and integrated measures to make science effective

The Climate Change Center was initiated by Technische Universität Berlin in 2019 and established with the universities in Berlin and Brandenburg. Its goal is to position the metropolitan region as a pioneer in tackling the climate crisis and fostering the social transformation required to achieve climate neutrality.

We see the close cooperation between universities, research institutions, policymakers, businesses, civil society, and the cultural sphere as a great opportunity to develop and implement tailor-made measures and solutions for the Berlin-Brandenburg region.

Our aim is to communicate our findings to policymakers and the business community and work to ensure their effective implementation. We leverage transdisciplinary research, science-based consulting, and active science communication to break new ground in collaborative work.

Working together on climate change mitigation and adaptationiIn Berlin and Brandenburg

The scientific and research landscape in Berlin and Brandenburg is ideally positioned for a systematic, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary analysis of the climate crisis. The CCC has joined forces in a joint initiative to mobilise its extensive expertise and diverse solution competencies.

2019 Founded
14 Universities
27 Research institutions and think tanks
38 Projetcs

Our cooperation partners

As a regional scientific network, we combine research expertise with innovative thinking and knowledge transfer strategies. We must work together with policymakers, businesses, civil society, and the cultural industries to translate solutions to the urgent challenges of the climate crisis into action. This can only be achieved with strong partners at our side:

Expert Council & office

The strategic focus of the CCC is supported by a transdisciplinary Expert Council made up of leading representatives from politics, administration, business, civil society, and the arts in the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region. The council meets twice a year.

Our history

The climate crisis isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. We have made a start.


In mid-February, a mobility workshop, initiated by Manja Schreiner, senator for urban mobility, transport, climate action and the environment, and Professor Dr. Geraldine Rauch, president of TU Berlin, is held at the CCC office. The event is attended by around 20 scientists and employees of the Senate Administration.


In March, the first expert forum for a climate-neutral metropolitan region takes place at the Wissenschaftstage Potsdam with over 80 participants.

Professor Dr. Frank Behrendt, TU Berlin, takes over as CCC spokesperson from Professor Dr. Christian Thomsen, TU Berlin, in November.

During 2023, 17 interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary projects are implemented from the CCC call in 2022.


For the first time, we are involved in the Berlin Climate Day as a cooperation partner with a “Meet the Scientist” format and workshops.

The inaugural meeting of the Expert Council is held in October. Professor Dr. Sophia Becker, vice president for sustainability, internal communication, transfer and transdisciplinarity at TU Berlin, chairs the advisory board together with Professor Dr. Christian Thomsen, TU Berlin.

50 institutions participate in the CCC funding call in the “research” and “transfer” funding lines.


The CCC receives initial start-up funding from the Berlin Senate Department for Higher Education and Research, Health and Long-Term Care.

In June, a two-day international symposium organized by the CCC takes place at the Robert Koch Forum.

On 31 July, the first Tagesspiegel supplement on climate research is published featuring projects from universities in Berlin and Brandenburg.


In August, representatives of the founding institutions meet at the University of Potsdam.


Professor Dr. Christian Thomsen, president of TU Berlin, initiates the CCC.

In September, an inaugural meeting with over 100 representatives from science, business, and civil society is held at TU Berlin.

Our funders

The CCC has been supported by the Senate Department for Higher Education and Research, Health and Long-Term Care since 2021.
Since 2022, the Einstein Foundation Berlin has also funded Elke U. Weber and Eric J. Johnson as Einstein Visiting Fellows.